This was the RWBY Group me and my friends did for  Connooga 2014. Photos by Divided by Zero Photography. Be sure to check out his work Here. Yang is cosplayed by Leelee from Big Family Cosplay, Wiess is cosplayed by Lily Cho Cho from Let’s Dance Magic Cosplay, and Ruby is cosplayed by our friend Marissa.

I whipped Blake together in less then two weeks. Super easy costume since I skipped out on making her sword. Also, a super cheap costume:

I owned some purple leggings and gradient dyed them black on the top. I had some leftover strech cotton from an old project that I made the shorts out of. I already owned the wig. Her vest  and bow was made from 2 yard of duck cotton I got at the Walmart for about $8. The shirt and scarf are re-purposed thrift store items. The arm sleeves are made from shredded tights. The most expensive part of the costume was the boots, I got those on e-bay for about $30.

Anonymous asked: hello! I was going to begin working on what will probably be my biggest cosplay project soon, but I'm trying to find a fairly cheap(I'd rather not spend more than 300 on it), but nice looking way to do it. I will be making a full Halo armor suit, for the character Grif from Red vs Blue. Any suggestions on the type of material? I'd like something that would hold up, but not be too heavy.

Do you have a pattern yet? If not be sure to visit this site: Pepakura Halo Files. They have compiled lots and lots of patterns for Halo projects.

As for your budget it sounds like you’ve thought this though and have a realistic idea of what this is going to cost. However, you may have to sacrifice some durability for cheapness. Probably in order to stay under $300 you are going to have to go with EVA foam. However, you can chose to make certain high stress pieces of your armor out of other materials like Worbla, Sintra, or Wonderflex to give the costume a longer life. As the foam parts wear out you can chose to easily replace them with more foam or upgrade over time to higher durability materials. I’m going to link you to a few video tutorials I’ve found helpful:

Johnny and Junkers I think he uses sintra as his primary material. Also, visit his website to see his build of props. They are super helpful if you are branching out into props.

EVA Foam Basics 

Evil Ted Foam Helmet This guy is amazing! This is just part 1 of his helmet building series but I’ve watched through all of it and it really good.

Intro to EVA  This website goes in depth with all the techniques and tricks you can use on EVA. It even shows you how to make it look like leather and how to give it the perfect paint job.

Now for my own advise. When you glue piece of foam together sometimes it leaves cracks. image

To hid this squirts some window caulk down in them and rub the excess off with a wet paper towel. There will still be a slight divot so add a little wood filler over the top. After it dries sand it down with fine grit sand paper till it is smooth.  (caulked grieve on the left and wood puttied grieve on the right)


Seal the whole piece with Plastidip spray. The layer of caulk behind and the layer of plastic over the wood filler will keep it from cracking and create a smooth finish. 2-3 layers of Plastidip is preferable. 


Hope that helps. Good luck and I would love to see a picture of your finished piece. 

Dear Followers- Can I Have Some Feedback Please :)

Hi Everyone,

Just wanting to gauge everyone’s opinion about how this blog is being ran. If you can take a moment to answer any of the following questions I’d appreciate it a lot. This is to help me provide better content for the future.

1. Do you want me to re-blog  or post more content from other sources? Right now about 90% is original content. Keep it the same or change it up?

2. Are my posts and explanations clear and helpful?

3. Should I do more video responses to questions or drop them all together? Note: If I do continue to do this I will be getting a better camera so the quality will be clearer. 

4. I’m thinking about closing the “Ask” box for 2 weeks out of every month. Right now I have a back log of questions that need to answered and I hate that the delay time is so long for responses.  I’m thinking about opening it the first two week of the month and closing in for the last two week to get caught up on responses. Does this sound ok or should I keep answering questions on a first come first serve basis?

5. I’m thinking about bringing in other contributors and writers. Does this interest anyone or would you rather just hear one voice?

6. Do any of you like contests? If so, what kind and what types of prizes?

7. I often use personal pictures of WIPS and finished projects. Do you want to see more, the same, or less?

8. Are there other areas of cosplay that you would like to see me talk/ post about? Ex: costume contest judging, how to be a cosplay guest, more sewing techniques etc. 

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10. Would any of you like to contribute tips and trick for a  weekly Tip Tuesday post?

Any feed back would be great. Also, be on the look out for a new layout coming sometime this summer. :)


Need a new costume for the the upcoming summer con season? I’m selling off some of my costumes and thought I’d let my lovely followers know. Here is the link to my sales album with all the details and prices: Album. No price is set in stone, I am willing to negotiate some. I only take paypal…

Anonymous asked: Hello! This is my first time cosplaying. I have an idea of how I"m going to sew together my costume, yet I have absolutely no knowledge on fabrics. How do I know what fabric to get, especially if it's just my first time? For example, I do know that I want to make the bottom part of my floor-length dress from scratch, but am not sure what kind of fabric to use.

Great question. Fabric selection is just as important as a well constructed garment.

The type of fabric you will want to use will depend on the type of character you are portraying. If your character is someone who is wealthy, or you are doing a ball gown type dress, look at high quality fabrics like silk, satin, sateen, brocades etc.  If your character is some who is poor look at cotton, linen, duck cotton, canvas etc. If your character is someone like a ranger of woodland elf use faux suede or real leather accents. If your character is futuristic or from space look at vinyl, spandex and latex.  

See where I’m going with this? They type of fabric you use can help explain the type of person your character is. If you are uncertain what type of fabric is appropriate do a little research. Is your dress reflective of garments from a certain time period? If so, look into what types of fabrics where historically used during that time. If it’s a modern style dress compare what other cosplayers have used and see if you can find someone who has done a similar dress and ask them what they used.

Sometimes the best thing is to go through the fabric store and look until something catches your eye. Try taking a picture of it and seeing how it photographs. This is super important for cosplayers. Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice appropriate fabric for something that will look better in pictures.

Hope that gives you some ideas. Good luck.

starlightandcrimescenes asked: Hi! I'm a cosplay newbie and, since I'm going to a con just after Guardians of the Galaxy release, I was thinking of cosplaying Nebula. The costume itself seems quite simple but the face and arms metal implants could be difficult to craft and keep in place (especially the head one). Do you have any suggestions on how to make them or should I stick to bodypainting them? I'm quite handy with make up and I'll have to buy some in bulk to become blue anyway... Thank you for your help!

If you want to make the implants something you can take on and off I’d advise looking into latex  prosthetic. I went through a phase a while back where I was interested in doing prosthetic for cosplay and consulted some people about the process. You would need to be able to sculpt the implant out of clay, create a mold, and carefully add layer after layer of latex till you get the thickness you desire. Removing latex from the mold is a little tricky- be sure dust talc powder (baby powder) around it as you remove it. There are a lot of tutorials out there explaining the process. Try looking at a few and seeing if that is a direction you want to take.

Honestly, the body-paint idea sounds amazing. If you have the skill to do that I try it. It would be time consuming but the prosthetic process would be just as time consuming since you would have to do makeup over the top of it too.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas. I’d love to see pictures when you are done!

Have dark eyebrows and want to change them to a crazy shade? I found the very helpful video that goes over 4 different methods for changing your eyebrow color.

myladyrae asked: I was wondering if you had any advice about wearing exceptionally long wigs and how to dye them (I'm attempting to find a LONG black wig with purple streaks but its impossible).

The longer the wig, the heavy it will be, and the more support you will need. Skip the ordinary bobby pins and get the really large one that are almost 2in long. I get mine at Sally’s Beauty Supplies.

Dyeing is doable but time consuming and messy. Have you thought about buying extra wefts and sewing them in to create streaks? I’m not sure how long you need it but you can get 35.4in wefts in a few different shades of purple form Arda Wigs and 45in wefts from Epic Cosplay Wigs.

If you do want to dye your wig try these tutorials:

Using Fabric Dyes

Using Sharpies 

*You can also just draw strait onto your wig with sharpie.

Dyeing With India Ink

Gradient  Dyeing 

Sealing A Dyed Wig

made-ofheart asked: I think I'm gonna make a list of what I need (primarily cheap material for mockups but a lot of odds and ends) and just keep it in my purse for garage sales/surprise thrift stores. I love joanns, but broke student here. Thank you so much!

Keeping a list on you is a great idea. I can’t always remember what I still need for a project while I am hunting for stuff at the thrift or craft store. I should probably keep one on me too. :)

doublelegsarefun asked: How do I add battle damage to EVA foam?

The best way I know how to do it is to take a very sharp X-acto knife or box cutter and cut gouges into the foam. You can also use a heat knife if you have one available. The occasional criss-cross pattern makes it look intentional and not just randoms cut in your foam.Make them at diffent depths and lengths. Also, the paint job is very important. Be sure to paint rusty places or distress the paint around these areas.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I am going to cosplay Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy. The only problem is I have no idea on how to start making the spear/lance that she has. Do you think you can help me out?

This is a bit of a complex question. I’m not really sure what your skill level is or what tools and resources you have at your disposal. I would rate the complexity of this prop at intermediate/advanced leaning more toward advanced. I recommend looking at Jounink’s lance over at  Lance Reference 1 or  Cosplayequinox's on Lance Reference 2. While neither of them has a tutorial if you read through the comments under the pictures they do discuss they types of materials they used and some of what they did to construct the lance. That might give you some ideas about how to construct your own.

Good luck. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi there I was wanting to do a cosplay on a character named Ava from the webcomic Ava's demon. I know her cosplay is fairly easy but the problem I seem to have is trying to find a pattern that matches with her red dress in the beginning of the story. Do you know what pattern might work and with what kind of fabric to use?

Your’re going to need to look for a bassic tunic style dress with bishop sleeves. You may not be able to find a perfect pattern but you can combine two patterns.

McCall’s pattern M5687 style “B” has the perfect sleeves.

New Look 6125 is a very simple basic tunic style dress. Style “A” is the one you want to use to combine the McCall’s pattern. Depending on how tall you are you may want to  add a little more length to it as well.

Hope that gives you some ideas. Good luck on your dress :)